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India Whistleblower Rewards: Large Financial Rewards Are Being Offered to International Professionals and India Whistleblowers Who Anonymously Expose Signficant Bribery Schemes and other FCPA Violations by India Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, India Contract Bribe Lawyer, and India Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulate financial markets and entities throughout the World. In regulating these markets and the interests of the United States, these agencies offer large financial rewards to international professionals who anonymously expose market manipulation schemes, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, money laundering, and other illegal conduct. Through bounty actions, these agencies can regulate some types of illegal conduct occuring in India or originating from India. Further, there are several other whistleblower reward laws that may also cover exports from India and actions made by multinational corporations operating in India. Understanding these laws and being the first to expose illegal bribery schemes, supply chain fraud, export fraud, sanction violations, money laundering, or other illegal conduct can result in the collection of large financial rewards. Some of these rewards can be collected anonymously through a lawyer in the United States. The first step in collecting these rewards is typically to contact an international lawyer to begin a confidential review of a case. The illegal conduct for these rewards must be significant and based on original information to be considered.

This is a picture of a the Brazilian Flag that symbolizes Brazil Bribe Whistleblowers and the need to expose corruption.
International Whistleblowers Can Earn Large Financial Rewards by Anonymously Exposing Illegal India Business Bribes, India Money Laundering Schemes, and India Market Manipulation Schemes.

For information on reporting India Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, India adulterated pharmaceuticals, India contract bribes, or illegal bribes and fraud along the supply chain, please feel free to send an e-mail message to India Contract Bribe Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, India Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Lawyer, and India Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lawyer Jason Coomer or use our submission form.

India Whistleblower Reward Lawyer and International Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Works With Solicitors, Barristers, Advokats, and other Lawyers Around the World to Expose Illegal Conduct

India Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer works with solicitors, barristers, advokats, and other lawyers around the world on bounty actions and other whistleblower reward lawsuits. International legal professionals are encouraged to contact his office to review and discuss potential cases

The SEC and CFTC are Offering Large Financial Rewards to International Professionals Who Anonymously Expose Significant Violations of the Securities Exchange Act and Commodity Exchange Act

India government official bribes and India government corruption has prevented India's economy from keeping pace with China's economic growth. These corrupt practices include telecommunications and construction contract bribes as well as supply chain manufacturing fraud. India whistleblowers and international whistleblowers with knowledge of corrupt practices and supply chain fraud are being offered large economic rewards for being the first to properly blow the whistle on foreign corrupt practices under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and fraud under other whistleblower reward laws.

India Whistleblowers and other International Whistleblowers Can Earn Large Finanial Rewards by Anonymously Exposing Illegal Bribery Schemes, Supply Chain Fraud, and Market Manipulations Schemes

The SEC and CFTC use bounty actions to detect violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, market manipulation schemes, and other illegal conduct that negatively impacts the global financial markets. Through these bounty actions international professionals, employees of multinational corporations, and other individuals with specialized knowledge of significant illegal conduct are encouraged to expose fraud, money laundering, market manipulations, illegal bribes, and other illegal conduct. More specifically, these bounty actions provide whistleblower protections including the ability to report these schemes anonymously through a US lawyer and collect financial rewards.

India Government Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Rewards, India Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Lawsuits, India Procurement Illegal Kickback Bounty Actions, and India Government Procurement Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lawsuit Information

India government procurement whistleblowers can recover large amounts of money for exposing international government procurement kickback schemes, international government bribery schemes, and other violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Some types of these international government procurement illegal bribery schemes, international illegal kickback schemes, and other international illicit payment schemes are discussed in more detail on the following webpage: International Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit Information.

International executives, government officials, employees of international corrupt corporations, competitors of corrupt international corporations, and other persons, who are the original source of specialized knowledge of India government procurement bribes, India international public works illegal kickback schemes, India public health system procurement bribery schemes, and other India illicit payments by foreign and multinational corporations are encouraged to blow the whistle on international government procurement schemes and may be able to collect large financial rewards for exposing the corruption.

For more information on a potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, please feel free to send an e-mail message to International Government Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Attorney, Public Procurement Illegal Bribe Whistleblower Lawyer, and Government Purchasing Bribe Whistleblower Reward Attorney Jason Coomer or use our submission form to discuss a potential International Public Procurement Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, International Government Procurement Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, International Government Purchase Contract Bribe Whistleblower Lawsuit, Government Procurement Illegal Kickback Lawsuit, or other Government Official Procurement Bribe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Whistleblower Lawsuit.

Development of India's Infrastructure Creates Potential for India Construction Bribes, India Public Works Bribes, and other Public Procurement Bribes

The Government of India plans to spends trillions on its infrastructure development. This government spending constitutes a significant portion of the real estate and construction industry that may be subject to illegal construction bribes and procurement bribes from multinational corporations. Despite the importance that infrastructure development has in a nation's progress, the level of bribery and corruption in the sector is relatively high and could result in substandard buildings as well as significant government waste.

It is widely accepted that foreign bribery has significant adverse effects on public well-being around the world. It distorts the fair awarding of contracts, reduces the quality of basic public services, limits opportunities to develop a competitive private sector and undermines trust in public institutions. Engaging in bribery also creates instability for companies themselves and presents ever-growing reputational and financial risks. This is particularly relevant in light of recent anti-bribery reforms in a number of key countries around the world, such as in China, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and hopefully India in the near future.

India is an Emerging Industrialized Nation with a Rapidly Growing GDP and a Developing Infrastructure

India, officially Republic of India, (Bhārat Gaṇarājya) has a population of over 1.2 trillion people and is the second largest country in the world and the most populous democracy in the world. The Indian economy is the world's tenth-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Following market-based economic reforms in 1991, India became one of the fastest-growing major economies and it is considered an emerging industrialized nation.

India’s growth over the last decade has resulted in increased demand for products and services from countries like the United States. According to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook, from 2001-2011 India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has averaged 7.8 percent growth, more than double the world average of 3.8 percent. During this time, United States’ exports to India have grown from less than $4 billion in 2001 to over $21 billion in 2011, a 475% increase in just a decade.

The IMF projects India’s GDP growth will continue to outpace the world average over the next five years. Going forward, India is expected to spend over $1 trillion on infrastructure development over the next five years, and a growing consuming class could lead to increased demand for a range of consumer goods and services. This growth represents tremendous opportunities for U.S. businesses, which is why Secretary Bryson is in India this week. For more information, follow the Secretary’s trip on the Commerce Blog.

Indian Economic Growth Has Been Undermined by Corruption Resulting in an Estimated $462 Billion Loss

According to economic and business experts, India’s economic expansion has been being undermined by corruption. But for Indian government corruption, India's economic growth should have been close to China’s pace of more than 9 percent. According to the KPMG LLP March survey of chief executive officers in India, this corruption is a significant lag on the Indian economy.

Further, according to The Drivers and Dynamics of Illicit Financial Flows from India: 1948-2008, a report released by Washington-based, Global Financial Integrity, post Independence, India lost a staggering $462 billion in illicit financial flows due to tax evasion, crime and corruption. The report also stated that some 68 per cent of India's aggregate illicit capital loss occurred after India's economic reforms in 1991, indicating that deregulation and trade liberalisation actually contributed to/accelerated the transfer of illicit money abroad.

India Supply Chain Fraud Can Create Adulterated Drugs, Defective Medical Supplies, Defective Medical Devices, and other Defective Products that can Result in False Claims Act Qui Tam Whistleblower Recovery Lawsuits

Where these defective pharmaceutical ingredients and other products are used in products purchased by a governmental entity in the United States, there are potential qui tam whistleblower reward actions that may apply and allow international whistleblowers to collect a large reward for properly reporting and exposing the supply chain fraud.

India and United States International Trade Continues to Increase

India’s growth over the last decade has resulted in increased demand for products and services from countries like the United States. There are now numerous products imported and exported between India and the United States including: textiles; precious stones & metals; mineral fuel and oils; pharmaceutical products; organic chemicals; machinery; electrical machinery; iron & steel products; optical instruments & equipment; fertilizers; and plastic.

These imports and exports can be the basis of illegal bribes including import bribes, export bribes, customs bribes, and contract bribes. Some of these bribes can be the basis for bounty actions or other international whistleblower reward laws

India Whisthleblower Reward Lawyer Works With International Professionals, Solicitors, and Barristers to Expose Corruption, Bribery Schemes, and other Illegal Conduct in India that Impact the Global Economy

If you are an international executive, government official, international pharmaceutical company professional, international pharmaceutical company executive, international medical device professional, international medical device executive, public health administrator, medical doctor, or other professional with original source knowledge of a potential India Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, India Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, India Counterfeit Drug Ingredient Whistleblower Lawsuit, India Toxic Medication Illegal Kickback Lawsuit, India Government Procurement Bribe Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, India Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violation Lawsuit, or other fraudulent and corrupt act that could lead to an International Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit, please contact an international foreign corrupt practice act whistleblower reward lawyer to help expose the wrongdoing and protect yourself.

International whistleblowers including India whistleblowers and professionals along supply chains are needed to blow the whistle on corrupt practices and adulterated pharmaceutical ingredients that are being put into medicine, drugs, medical supplies, and medical devices. For information on reporting government corruption, adulterated pharmaceutical ingredients or illegal bribes along the pharmaceutical supply chain, please feel free to send an e-mail message to India Contract Bribe Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, India Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Lawyer, and India Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lawyer Jason Coomer.

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